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Home PulseTech is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company and One of the Best India's Leading Electronics Product and Service Provider. Our Products are LED Product, Constant Voltage Transformer, Inverter, UPS, Solar Product and Stabilizer etc.
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Type Single Phase 3 Phase Balance
/Unbalanced Load
Input Voltage Range 160V-260V AC
120V-290 V AC
300V-470V Ac
260V-470V Ac
Capacity 1,2,3.15,5,8,10,16,20,25,
150,200,300& 350 KVA
2000 KVA
Output Voltage 230V-240(adjustable) 400V-415V AC(Adjustable)
Rated Operating Freg. 50Hz 50Hz
Regulation    + -1% + -1%
Efficiency More than 95% More than 95%
Rate of Conversion 20V/Sec 35V/Sec
Duly Cycle   100 Percent 100 Percent
Air Cooling
Oil Cooling
1-10 KVA
15 KVA-350 KVA
2.5-30 KVA 30 KVA
40 KVA-2000 KVA
Up to 2 KVA
Above 2 KVA
15 amp plug & socket
Terminal for input/output
15 amp,plug & socket
Terminal for input/output
Metering 72 mm to 100 mm
(dial accuracy 1-5V)
voltmeter with selector
switch to indicate input
and output voltage
72 mm to 100 mm
(dial accuracy 1-5V)
voltmeter with selector
switch to indicate input
and output voltage
Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Advantage of PulseTech Stabililizers>>
  • Uniform Quality of end product.
  • Current voltage automatically and continuously.
  • Induction motors operate at high efficiency and improved power factor when supplied constant voltage
  • Protects costly manufacturing equipments from menace of high/low voltages, thus cutting on the maintenance cost.
  • Better efficiency in plant.
  • 80% depreciation from Income Tax.
  • Reduction in MDI.
  • Reduction in electricity bills up to the level of approx. 5-15%(This also depends on the input variation, loading and the number of working hours)
  • Save on diesel cost, as generator is not required to run at high/low input voltages.
  • The average pay back period of servo controlled voltage stabilizer owing to its high energy saving capability is approx.12-18 months depends upon the number of working hours and duration of high voltage.
Outstanding Features of PulsTech Stabilizers
  • Higher overload capability for high inrush and regenerating currents of induction motors.
  • Machine wound variable auto transformer.
  • Specially designed transformers to minimize losses.
  • Prime grade GRGO laminations and electrolytic conductors of 99.9% purity used of transformers. Plug-in
  • Type glass-epoxy control cards designed for easy on line serviceability.
  • Efficiency better than 95%, resulting in large energy conservations.
  • Burn proof/less A.C. synchronous motor for greater reliability and longer life.
  • Synchronous motor is controlled by thermistors’ which are itself controlled by CMOS integrated circuit thus the whole system is quite solid state.
  • Copper would buck boost transformers duly vacuum impregnated.
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